Aim Higher Africa Mindset Reorientation and Design Thinking (MRDT) Curriculum

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Aim Higher Africa is on a mission to equip young people with the skills most necessary to thrive and meet future challenges. We believe to help students achieve their inner greatness, they need to develop the entrepreneurial mindset that allows them to try and experiment with models. In addition to the mindset, they also need the skillset to ensure that they can create the proper market tests and experiments on venture ideas before committing sizable resources to them. This will allow a mindset shift that will make young people comfortable pursuing entrepreneurship when social pressures push them towards wage jobs.

Teaching and Learning
  • Implementing the curriculum with Aim Higher Africa


We believe that a well-designed curriculum dedicated for entrepreneurial development is vital for students to identify their passion. The objectives of the Aim Higher Africa MRDT curriculum include:

  1. Enhance entrepreneurs’ mindset in terms of developing ventures with a growth or/and sustainability direction.
  2. Elevate the quality of the ideas through competency education.
  3. Help students identify opportunities in their immediate environments
  4. Ensure that they are interfacing with the relevant stakeholders to create sustainable and scalable businesses

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  • Developing your school with Aim Higher Africa

The Aim Higher Africa MRDT curriculum is a creative problem solving approach that is user-centered, takes a system’s perspective and typically results in unique insights. The approach is based on ethnography and primarily uses abductive logic in research (probing unique insights as compared to deductive logic or inductive logic) for solving problems.

If the goal is to generate new ideas and new markets, MRDT encourages the use of generative methods for conducting research: depth interviews, observational shadowing, the diary method, controlled experiments, analogical reasoning.  These methods aim to uncover the ‘whys’ and the ‘hows’ of user behavior in order to get a better understanding of problems.

The reasoning is that to develop new products or provide new meaning for existing products, innovators need to first uncover deep understanding of customers in order to provide benefits that go beyond functionality to meet customers at their point of aspiration. The Aim Higher Africa MRDT methodology takes education institutions from a book centric to a human centric approach.

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Our Fees

It is important you have a clear understanding of our fees before you apply to become an Aim Higher Africa School.

Before you can offer the Aim Higher Africa MRDT curriculum you must go through our application process. This includes an approval visit, where an Aim Higher Africa representative will visit your school to understand your plans and help you to register. A school application fee applies. We will refund a portion of the application fee if a school does not meet our standards. African schools might be exempt from the approval visit – please contact us to find out more.

Fees for Aim Higher Africa MRDT Curriculum

There are annual programme fees for the Aim Higher Africa MRDT curriculum. These annual fees maintain your status as an Aim Higher Africa school, giving you access to:

  • High-quality and innovative qualifications recognized by employers and universities worldwide
  • A wide range of support resources to help teachers plan and deliver our syllabuses and prepare for our assessments
  • Training and resources to help exams officers administer our exams
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  • Opportunities to exchange best practice and experiences with a community of schools in different geographical regions.


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