Coping with change in your career can sometimes be one of the hardest things to accept. The notion may seem simple enough but depending on the level of change you face, there may be several implications. One example is the decision to switch careers. Often this can be a very trying time. It involves adopting new industry principles and understanding a completely different customer base from the ones you have spent a lifetime servicing. That change most often comes from the desire to grow and learn new experiences. Every growth process involves change. Change however is not definitive. This means there is a fear of the unknown. This can be a very daunting task indeed. The person you know now has to evolve into the person you want to become in the future. Whether good or bad, you cannot grow without making some sort of compromise to your current state of being. What you are today is a sum total of the experiences you have been through in the past. What you will be tomorrow depends on the change you decide to make in your life today.

You must learn how to adapt to the direction in which your life is going. Holding on to the old ways of doing things will only produce old or similar results. Understanding that change is needed to facilitate your future plans means you are committing to the vision you have for your life. See yourself as a diamond. The stunning rock is subjected under intense pressure and heat over a prolonged period of time, which creates the crystal form of the pure carbon we know as diamonds. Without undergoing this uncomfortable process it is impossible to obtain a diamond. That is how the notion of change works. It is a set of situations outside your comfort zone which facilitates your growth process eventually opening up a new world of opportunities, which you did not know, exist. It is the catalyst for your new inspiration and our ability to cope with that change, no matter how disruptive it is, will determine just how much we grow and develop personally and professionally.

No matter how difficult that change is and how negative you feel about the transformative process of change today, no matter what pressures you are currently undergoing or enduring and no matter what growth process you are experiencing in your life, always remember, just like the diamond, there will come a time for you to shine. It is often your attitude towards the pressures of change that determines the rate of satisfaction in your new direction. So embrace the changes and ultimately, become the diamond you are destined to be.